Extraction / Wisdom Teeth

We focus on patient, gentle techniques that result in quick and painless extractions.

Simple Extractions

We at Bannockburn Family Dental understand that having a tooth removed can be a stressful thought for many. That is why we focus on patient, gentle techniques that result in quick and painless extractions. In fact, many of our clients are shocked that their extraction was amongst the least eventful procedures they have had done at the dentist!

Before we do anything, your tooth and all its surrounding structures will be numbed up so that they cannot feel any pain. Your dentist will then double check that the area is completely numb, and will make it even number if needed. We take a patient approach, taking our time at this step, as this is the most important part of the whole procedure.

Once we are ready to proceed, your dentist will use a small instrument to gently move the tooth back and forth. Contrary to popular belief, removing a tooth has nothing to do with strength – instead it is a matter of wiggling it until it is so loose that it wants to come out without much pressure. While you do not feel pain during this process, it is normal to feel pressure in your jaw from the forces being exerted.

Once your tooth comes out, we will place some gauze on the wound to make sure it stops bleeding and will talk you through after-care instructions for the procedure. Most often you will have recovered within a day or two.

Complex Extractions and Wisdom Teeth

Sometimes a tooth cannot be simply wiggled out. This can be for many reasons – including its shape, its strength, your age, or your health. Usually our experienced surgeons will pre-warn you that this is going to be the case.

If your tooth is like this, do not worry. In essence the experience isn’t much different to a simple extraction – it just has a couple of extra steps to it:

Once you are completely numb, your dentist may need to raise a bit of your gum to gain better access to the tooth. They may also wish to remove a little bit of its surrounding bone, and likely will decide to divide the tooth into a few pieces to make them easier to remove. This is done with a similar drill to that used in a filling and is completely painless.

Though that sounds like a lot, in actuality doing these things makes the tooth easier and more painless to remove – and results in a more comfortable experience, and a quicker healing time for the wound than even the ‘simple’ extractions.

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